Adobe develops new tools for sustainable design (work in progress)

In the 90’s Adobe introduced the PDF, a popular file format today, although very resisted for years (like Postscript or Mac were). Maybe unthinkable 15 years ago, PDFs became now one of the main allies (with emails and blogs) in combating the unlimited addiction to use paper. Curiously, PDF was conceived as a friendly format for printing, now it is an option for whether printing or not.

It has passed such a long time since we hear something new from Adobe in a positive direction other than more power for the same tools, maybe because one of the most important companies dedicated to create tools for designers (the other one is perhaps Apple) was too busy trying to monopolize the market instead of trying to change it (Aldus’ Freehand and PageMaker, Macromedia’s Dreamweaver and Flash, among other defeated competitors). In any case, better late than never. Adobe is developing new tools for sustainable design, such as managing printing processes and assess material’s impact. I hope these tools could help us to improve our design decisions and facilitate the methods we are trying to use inspired in other fields (like LCA assessment tools).

Adobe, we are looking forward to use new sustainable design tools. One more thing, cheap or free design tools are also a revolutionary idea.

Click here to read what is coming

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