Super Dirty

On December 2009, the most important event on Climate Change since the Kyoto Protocol is going to be held in Copenhagen. There, the most brilliant minds and key players from all over the world will design a new set of rules that could change our future in a way that Kyoto failed to achieve. Get rid of fossil fuels, eliminate carbon emissions and turn our civilization into a genuinely solar-based one, are some of the issues to be addressed.

In the meantime, Canada (or at least some parts of it) is trying not to miss the call (once more). In Alberta the present looks dirty and the future not much cleaner. WWF in New York published evidence that shows Albertan tar sands’ carbon capture projects are not modifying the big picture of ecologic footprint (green washing?) –see the article linked below. More interesting “solutions” for Alberta appear in the horizon though: Helen Caldicott came days ago to convince Albertans how bad is the idea of building nuclear power plants in Grande Prairie. Government consider nuclear power a “sustainable” option for renewable energy (seriously).

Two great ideas for Alberta to cope our sustainability problems in a macro scale and for the long term (not seriously). Some of us think that this corner of the world should be a leading player in solar and other renewable energies, simply because there’s plenty of them. Why does this sound utopian for so many?

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