Half a trillion dollars every year will be the cost of delaying climate change actions in Canada. This number considers not only the economic effects due to climate change derived problems –such as eventual droughts, floods, storms and the consequent effects on energy and food prices– but also the missing opportunities for leading emerging industries and technologies that create employment. For instance, more than 160,000 new jobs were created in Germany by the wind mill industry alone.

Canada is facing an extraordinary opportunity (those that happen once in a century) however the government is still addict to the old format based on carbon, oil, nuclear power, monocultures and unlimited growth. In Canada we are simply behind the new trends.

In less than a month in Copenhagen the leaders of the world will define the new goals to achieve a sustainable world, aimed for the short, mid and long term. The citizens, families, workers, students, educators, professionals of this country have to let the government know that Canada deserves a different future and a different role in the new map of the XXI century.

Here is one of the links you can find and take part of this process of change:


photo retrieved  from http://images.google.com
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