Hello? Say again?

I’ve heard ridiculous arguments to sustain selfish interests in my life, very often because money is involved. Corporations by far are in the top ranking of absurd excuses I’ve heard to keep doing what they are meant to do and for justifying whatever “mistakes” they make in the process of doing profit.

In the last days, after a bunch of ducks died in tailing ponds at northern Alberta [again], I’ve heard and read the most ridiculous and irritating expressions of intellectual laziness from people, corporations, government and media alike. All of them ignoring evidence and denying the most important and simple fact: in this part of the world we are disrupting life and natural cycles at levels of obscenity, and the real price to pay is way higher than we can afford.

The denial machinery –so well described by Canadian scientist Andrew Weaver in his book “Keeping Our Cool”– put in practice by oil companies, supported by governments and incredibly bought by common people like you and me, has been working overtime in the last years in order to justify what is less and less justifiable, and more and more obviously wrong. From the BP Gulf of Mexico disaster to the Syncrude-Suncor-Shell killing tailing ponds, it is hard to believe that we still need more examples to understand that the sad age of fossil fuel energy is done –so called “peek oil”– and soon will be gone.

One of my favorites at these days was the PR person from Syncrude saying about the killed-ducks issue: “we need to find the reasons why these ducks died, we’ve invested millions to prevent this”. Hello?!!! Why the ducks died?: because poisoned ponds are still there! Why the ducks come back? because they respond to a natural pattern. It is just me or these guys –who hold all kind of credentials and earn millionary salaries– express the most intellectual laziness I ever heard?

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