Not just a matter of perception

A baby is tested for radiation in Nihonmatsu, Fukushima prefecture. (Kyodo News/Reuters)

There is an ongoing “nuclear debate” installed in industry, governments and media speeches in Alberta and there are confronted opinions against or in favor of building new nuclear plants. Our oilsands-based economy could be a determinant key player in favor of the “challenges and opportunities” nuclear power could bring.

Welcome to reality.

Not enough with getting poisoning ponds for landing ducks around, our tendency to externalize real costs and our very small sense of what is worth or what is not for life drive us to a new trap. The triad nuclear-oilsands-wealth is a pulling force that put the value of life far after profits and makes our perception fail.

Chernobyl in the past and now Fukushima offers a lesson to learn: either driven by human error or natural causes, the bottom line is that nuclear power is not the most intelligent answer to energy needs. Nuclear power is basically dangerous for life. Dr. Hellen Caldicott has wrote many books plenty of evidence on this matter.

Having the biggest nuclear reactor in perfect and safe operational conditions for free (the sun), are nuclear power plants the best idea we can come up with?

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