EnergEthics part II: Does it make you feel like an idiot?

Germany announced that it will shut down all the nuclear plants and completely replace this source of energy by renewables by 2022.

This is not a new development. First signs of change were given by Italy after Chernobyl, and now, after Fukushima,  it is the turn of Germany. I know both are reactive behaviors, which in another words means “late” (specially for Ucranians and Japanese). But not “too late”, if you think proactively, after all they read the signs.

In the meantime there’s an installed debate in Alberta. Industry, policy makers and stake-holders are considering to power the tar sands with new nuclear plants. One controversial source powered by another, in a beautifully exposed linear way of thinking that reveals a festival of “wicked problems”.

By far, Alberta has much more natural “clean” sources of energy than the whole of Germany (and possibly most Europe).

How intelligent do I feel living here? Read the headline.

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