John Nychka on biomimicry

Hecol 493 DfS have Prof. John Nychka, a Chemical Engineer specialized in materials from UofA, as distinguished guest speaker in the two sessions given in spring 2001. His presentations to the class were dedicated to “Wettability”, an innovative field of research that approaches the creation of new intelligent materials capable of controlling the behavior of water over their surfaces. Prof. Nychka has studied natural processes observed in plants and leafs, their natural designs and chemistry, inspired in biomimicry principles. The properties resulted from this processes are known as hydrophobia and hydrophylia.

The project conducted by Prof. Nychka involves 5 grad students, industry partners and other university researchers.

Students from Hecol 493, in particular those coming from industrial design and textile design programs, were very interested and willing to pursue future collaborations with material engineering projects.

Prof. Nychka also manifested his interest in future collaborations between DfS and other material engineering projects connected to biomimicry, such as color without pigments and the physics of color applied to textiles and media industry.

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