SAW2011: How sustainable is the Oilsands in Alberta? Two possible answers to-go.

Next week, from October 17 to 21, the annual Sustainable Awareness Week (SAW) will take place at UofA organized by the Office of Sustainability (yes, there is one). I always recommend my students to take part, go to lectures and participate, specially in events where the Student’s Union is involved. In terms of campus sustainability policies, initiatives and activities, students by far have taken the lead formally or informally, as for instance creating the SU’s ECOS or Sustainable Campus Coalition. If UofA becomes sustainable (?) one day, it would be mainly due to students’ thinking and heart.

What gets my attention this year is the discussion and panel under the title “Think Energy: How Sustainable is the Oilsands in Alberta?“.
If you are curious about the possible answers this discussion may offer to such question, and you don’t have the time to stop by the Horowitz Theatre at SUB on Monday 5:30, I will help you to catch up with two possible answers:

How Sustainable is the Oilsands in Alberta?: Intuitive answer from common sense: NIL. Fossil fuels and any other industry attached to them are NOT SUSTAINABLE. Any use of fossil fuels by definition is unsustainable for well known reasons that I’m not listing in this brief post.

How Sustainable is the Oilsands in Alberta?: Deeper answer from reflecting on sustainable development: 100% sustainable. We can sustain this industry (and this way of thinking) as it is forever, or until our civilization and this planet collapse, indeed tar sands is a great contribution to speed up this process.

I am attending this event with the hope of finding something that I don’t know, or a radical reaction from young students like you to REALLY change the future. See you there.

Calendar of Events in North Campus

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