PIX exports design to Denmark

This site is usually dedicated to students and colleagues involved in design education, sustainable design and other subjects of discussion, but it has very little to do with any commercial aspect of my design work. However the relevance of these news deserve a little mention and review.

Not too many people know that I’m still associated to a small design company in Argentina, Pix Design, a studio oriented to motion graphics and new media, which I co-funded in Buenos Aires in 2004. Since I came to Canada my participation in Pix projects has been less active at the beginning, more intellectual with the years, and just “spiritual” support at these days. My old studio partner and friend Fernando Scopp has been for the last years the head of our initially small business –still small by design, for that matter.

Thanks to Fernando’s hard work, strong convictions and vision, Pix is now a remarkable player in a young and significantly growing industry.

The “creative industry” has grown fast in the last few years, currently representing 3,5% of the world’s market, as it is reported by United Nations Conference for Trade and Development –UNCTAD*. Developing countries like Argentina play a remarkable role on this, and small design exporters like Pix have been part of the process. Some of the projects designed by Pix can be seen in Europe and US. Clients from Denmark, such as the mobile company Telia and Copenhagen Airport are great examples of this.

Just a small space to express pride and congratulate Pix, from this side of the world.

Image retrieved from Indsigt Magazine issue#7, Nov. 2011.

*retrieved from http://www.marcotradenews.com/opinion/17828/Las-industrias-creativas-un-sector-en-crecimiento-que-ofrece-oportunidades-para-el-desarrollo-economico-social-y-cultural-de-los-paises

    • carlosfiorentino
    • November 10th, 2011


  1. Good work Carlos! Congrats.

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