The ideal environment for radical change.

This title is inspired by a line from Karen Blincoe’s “Re-educating the Person”, a text on Sustainability Literacy.part of  the book ” The Handbook of Sustainability Literacy” (2009 : 204). In 2006 I attended a pilot workshop for the creation of the first Master program on Design for Sustainability in Europe. Blincoe led this initiative as the director of ICIS, The International Centre for Creativity, Innovation and Sustainability (Denmark), in conjunction with Lund University (Sweden).

This experience was a trigger for my later studies and a turning point in my career, that conducted to my current teaching on Design for Sustainability. It was also the milestone for dissemination of my academic work in remote places like Australia (2010) and China (2011).

2012 is for me a new exciting year for teaching Design for Sustainability in Canada, and also for expanding links internationally.  This year I will be giving lectures in Argentina and Saudi Arabia, and working on connecting  design schools to LeNS, The Leaning Network on Sustainability, directed by Politecnico di Milano.

It is worth then reading what Karen remind us about this exciting times for designers to play a renewed role.

“We have currently the ideal environment for radical change. A change that could bring about sustainability worldwide. Even if governments are fixed in old thought patterns there is now room for visionaries, radicals and pioneers from all fields to change our societies. “

Read the whole article by K.Blincoe

Image by Sophie Maisonneuve for “Tagging places”, design activism project.

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