The Ecology of Hope and Devastation

Gary Machlis brings his talk The Ecology of Hope and Devastation to the U of A

WHAT: Gary Machlis’ The Ecology of Hope and Devastation

WHEN: June 18, 2012, talk from 10:00 to 11:15am

WHERE: Myer Horowitz Theatre (2nd floor Students’ Union Building)

WHO: Everyone is welcome

TICKETS: Free, but donations are welcome

The 18th annual International Symposium on Society and Resource Management (ISSRM) conference proudly presents world -renowned social scientist and expert on society and resource management Gary Machlis.

Through his application of human ecology, Machlis has explored the ecology of social and environmental hope and devastation and will bring his experiences forward as he presents on June 18. The theme of the conference, “Linking North and South: Responding to Environmental Change” celebrates Edmonton’s role as a gateway to Canada’s north, and the International Association for Society and Resource Management’s holistic focus on global environmental issues of interest to diverse communities.

Machlis is currently the Science Advisor to the US National Park Service and he is also one of the co-leads of a new US organization, called the Strategic Sciences Group, which conducts on-the-ground immediate scientific assessments after disasters.  Gary has worked with protected areas from around the world, including China, Africa, Haiti. He is also an accomplished writer; his most recent book, Warfare Ecology: A New Synthesis for Peace and Security, provides a theoretical overview and case studies to better understand the relationship between war and ecological systems.

Everyone is welcome to attend this free event! Donations will also be accepted; proceeds will help ensure students are able to attend future ISSRM conferences by supporting the student scholarship fund. This speaking event is co-hosted by the Office of Sustainability and the ISSRM, a conference hosted by the Faculties of Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences and Physical Education & Recreation.

See the ISSRM site for more details and other keynote speakers:

Attend the Facebook event at

For more information, please email

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