I’ll refer to the TBL (triple bottom line) definition. Real sustainable design solutions should achieve results that help reach a balance between economic prosperity, social equity and environmental health.

A water bottle that uses 25% less plastic or that is made from recycled products, is far from being a sustainable solution. I just moved to NY and I am shocked with the amount of water bottles people consume per day. Tap water in most places of the US is absolutely fine! Carrying your own bottle and refilling it, is a much more sustainable solution. A government policy should be implemented to raise taxes in such products and spend that money in water facilities. Then why water bottles are selling?Being more specific: why is everything turning green? What is this green washing marketing phenomenon?

Unfortunately, we live in a system in which our ignorant society supports the economic growth of a just a few. When a lot of power and money concentrates in a single spot, GREED will overcome almost anything. Are we doomed? What are we going to do?

My answer may sound a bit anarchic: STOP BEING STUPID AND DON’T FALL FOR CORPORATE CRAP! The time has come that being smart and fair is our only choice. What are you going to do about it? Pretend nothing is happening? or start making the right choices?

– Marcel Negret, Industrial Designer, Deer Park, N.Y.

  1. Please check this initiative, a colleague showed it to me:


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