No kidding

Many recent climate disasters have given us warning signs and a taste of what more climate destabilization could bring to our lives in the future (flashback to these postcards: Katrina in New Orleans, Sandy in New York, flooding in Calgary…). Many times in this blog and after class discussions I have included topics like “Forced migration due to climate change” (here and here) or about the flooding (here and here). Have you checked the Saskatchewan river average level this summer?

Many articles and studies have tried to describe the scenarios of coastal cities affected by water levels rising. All these based on scientific modeling using data provided by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in 2007. I have to admit that scientists miscalculated these figures but not as climate-deniers would wish. “…today, using a variety of satellite reports and on-the-ice studies that have been going on for many decades, even conservative scientists say sea levels are rising 60 percent faster than what the IPCC predicted in 2007.”[Chilling report by Jon Bowermaster “July 16, 2013]

To give you a better picture (better than the picture above) check these two links:

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