What If . . .


What If . . . Business Was Bio-inspired?

By Dr. Tamsin Woolley-Barker

“What if business ran on sunlight? What if manufacture was carbon negative? What if our waste was no worse than a fallen tree, feeding the next generation of insects and fungus? What if human consumption was good for the planet?”

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Image: “The Fish School Exercise” is an activity practiced at HECOL 493 Design for Sustainability course (University of Alberta) that provides a practical demonstration of self-organization patterns and behavior (idea retrieved from: http://www.icosystem.com/labsdemos/the-game) The exercise demonstrate that simple rules of individual behavior can lead to surprisingly coherent system level results while intuition can be a particularly poor guide to prediction of the behavior of complex systems above a few levels of complexity. Supported by a computer simulation, this exercise is a powerful tool for understanding the dynamics of complex systems, and applying the concept to build effectiveness and resilience to human systems.
Source: Fiorentino, C. (2013)
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