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Hecol 493 Design for Sustainability & Biomimicry | Registration Spring 2015 still open!

poster2015 copy Hecol 493 Design for Sustainability & Biomimicry introduces a multidisciplinary approach to design and the role of design as an integrating field to approach sustainability. Increasing awareness of and providing extended information about sustainability and its close relation to design decisions is an important goal of this course. It provides a conceptual framework, modifying student’s mind-sets and allowing them to get a broader sense of responsible practice. Students taking DfS & Biomimicry will reach a new perspective on traditional design issues and on other fields rather than design. The content of DfS & Biomimicry provides a better understanding of the complexity and interconnectivity that rule ecosystems and its relation to design limitations and constraints. The course stimulates critical thinking and It is oriented to students interested in a holistic understanding of the new paradigms and challenges of design fields, bringing retrospective and prospective analysis on core design issues as well finding inspiration in nature to the design process. Past guest speakers: Mark Anielski (Author of the book The Economics of Happiness) on Genuine Progress Alex Wolfe (Geology, UofA) on The Anthropocene Piyush Mann (Design Graduate) on Sustainable and Empathic Design Godo Stoyke (Carbon Busters) on Energy Efficiency This year:  John Nychka (Material Engineering, UofA) on Biomimicry and Material Engineering Naomi Krogman, (Resource Economics and Environmental Sociology, Academic Director of the Office of Sustainability UofA) Hecol493 class materials Survey

Registration to HECOL493 DfS for spring 2015 is open in Bear Tracks. Priority given to students in the BSc Human Ecology program, however students from other fields of study are welcome to register. HECOL493 DfS is a 3-credit course, three weeks long, commencing on May 4.

For more information please contact the main office at Department of Human Ecology, 302 Human Ecology Building

Visualization for LCA created by DfS students: Yue Qin, Nicolas Perez Cervantes & Robert Faulkner.
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