On Alberta’s resilient future –M. Anielski, K. Palka

Biomimicry Alberta

Alberta is well on its way to create more resilient economy.

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“It’s nonsensical to dig up and melt oil sands bitumen, transport and burn it, and attempt to capture the emissions and stick them back in the ground”

Biomimicry Alberta at the Student Sustainability Summit


“Nearly all living humans are 50th cousins or closer”

Biomimicry Alberta

“…if you are not a Bacteria or Archaea, you are an Eukaryote”


[Thanks Bor-Kai Hsiung for sharing this Tree of Life Explorer / evogeneao with us!]

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A summary from last Biomimicry conference in Utrecht –BlogIonik

Biomimicry Alberta


There were a number of plenary sessions and break-out sessions featuring great speakers amongst which renowned names like Jay Harman, Dayna Baumeister and Michael Pawlyn… [read more]

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BGDC2017 –Climate Change: Mitigation, Adaptation, and Reversal