BAW03: Biomimicry Alberta Workshop Summer Series 2017

Biomimicry Alberta

June 24-25, @ University of Alberta

Save the dates! Registration will be open soon!


Image: scales-of-a-butterfly-wing

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BGDC: Call for Team Member – Video Expertise

Biomimicry Alberta

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We are a group of professionals from Edmonton preparing a submission to enter this year’s Biomimicry Global Design Challenge.  The challenge this year is to create a nature-inspired innovation that combats climate change.  Our team is looking for a video editor or producer to help us create a 3 minute video pitch for the submission.  Called ReRoot, our concept looks to the wood wide web and fungal internet to improve the structure and function of community groups and encourage local material cycling.
The submission deadline is April 30th, and we’re hoping to have a draft by the 15th.  We have developed a storyboard, captured some video, and have still images, but need some serious help stitching it all together and recording and adding audio voice over and music.  Perks include a portion of the winnings (and the glory!) if our submission carries forward to the next round.
If you are looking to produce a…

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FREE 4-Week Online Biomimicry Course –MCAD

ZQ19: Ornitography, Macronaut, Biomimicry Iberia, and much more…

Free Biomimicry online course

Biophilic Design Summit and Genius of Place Workshop in Living Future, Seattle.

My daughter’s eyelashes, the tiger’s tongue, and other grooming devices -Dr. David Hu, Georgia Institute of Technology

Biomimicry Alberta

Lecture: Tuesday, February 7th at 2pm at ICE 7-395, University of Alberta


Animals are automated cleaning machines.  They are covered with specialized hairs and spikes that can remove and even prevent particles from landing in the first place, using methods that have no modern equivalent.  In this talk, I discuss how animals groom, from labradors to tigers.  We use high-speed and time-lapse videography to show how dogs shake off water, eyelashes deflect air flow, and cats keep their fur clean.  Special attention is paid to using theoretical models and advances in 3D printing to discovering new principles in soft, self-cleaning systems.

Photo credit: Ilya Naymushin/Reuters

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