We broke up with Twiddla

After trying (unsuccessfully) many different tools to create our virtual crit room, Des 494 class have broken up with twiddla, and decided to move on and create our own virtual crit blog. Thanks Kathleen for setting this up:


Agenda for a New Economy


In the field of design for sustainability designers need to pay close attention to the new social and economic paradigms that will re-shape our profession in the near future, and will give us new parameters to re-oriented design towards a human oriented practice.

For many years Herman Daly, Hazel Henderson and Paul Hawken among other economists have insisted about an imperative new era of sustainable economy, that based on real wealth and not just in economic growth, and adds social justice and environmental responsibility to the equation. Below is a link to an interview to David Korten, another author that adds meaningful thoughts to this matter.



“You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller



Making good design mean design for good.


The Design Council in UK has released a plan for making designers, clients, end-users and communities meet the same goals: shaping a sustainable future. “Design can drive a competitive economy, create a more sustainable society and make our everyday lives better. But only if it’s used well.” In the followed link you will find an excellent source of ideas and concepts in that direction.


Bad reputation

Just in case you are unaware of some “easy-to-get” fonts, see the link below:



If you are looking for trustable sans-serif typefaces try the classics:

Helvetica, Univers, Askidenz Grotesk, Frutiger, Futura, Gill Sans 

…or some more contemporary:

Myriad, Meta, Fontana

option for screens: Verdana

If serif, try the classics:

Baskerville, Garamond, Bodoni, Caslon, Palatino

Times New Roman (if no other option)

option for screens: Bembo

About the next guest lecturer in Des 494

Please find some background information about Betina Naab, our next guest lecturer on January 27th., see the links below:





In our design classes I use to introduce special topics to discuss in the classroom. We talk sometimes about  issues based on articles, sometimes books, videos, movies, or the news. The topics are not necessarily related to design or the courses I teach, but they are intentionally approached from our design point of view and intentionally challenging to our design thinking.

In this post I have included a couple of issues. Please feel free to add comments here or bring thoughts to the class.

Commit Facebook Suicide become a movement! Below is a link to the article that I delivered in Des 493 from Adbusters


You can notice now that there is a lot of talk about this on internet. Bring your thoughts to the class!

Middle East crisis, a good article.


Any association with “Children of Men” (the movie) a simple coincidence?