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Indigenous World Views on Sustainability

SS SUST 201- Indigenous World Views on Sustainability

The total number of vertebrate species that went extinct in the last century would have taken about 800 to 10,000 years to disappear under the conditions of the other five mass extinctions in the past.

Message to COP21 leaders: Need solutions? Ask nature. – Biomimicry Institute

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Biomimicry Alberta

Nature is full of clues for how we can approach our climate change problems, in ways that not only reduce our climate impact, but help us to “…become producers of ecosystem services” (Janine Benyus). Biomimicry studies and then translates nature’s architecture, design and engineering strategies to human design. Many of these strategies can apply directly to climate change challenges such as how nature upcycles carbon, harnesses the sun’s power, and creates electricity. COP21 is focused on developing solid action plans and solutions. In that spirit, we want to share just a few of nature’s strategies and corresponding innovations that can lead us down a more life-sustaining path.

Source: Message to COP21 leaders: Need solutions? Ask nature. – Biomimicry Institute

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Outside COP21 day 1


Janine Benyus on Biomimcry in TreeMedia

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Source: Janine Benyus on Biomimcry in TreeMedia

My two cents for the Sustainability eNews

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Structural invisibility

Source: Structural invisibility

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Visiting lecturer from the Institute of Advanced Sustainability Studies of Postdam, Germany.

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BAW02: 2nd. Biomimicry Alberta Workshop

Changes by Design

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