The StrC project on display

Biomimicry Alberta

The ongoing StrC project initiated by Dr. Carlos Fiorentino is being displayed at the University of Alberta Augustana Campus for two months (January 30 to March 27). The exhibition was prepared by Dr. Carlos Fiorentino and Dr. Tomislav Terzin, and co-organized with Augustana Library. “Living colours” proposes a journey through structural colour to the visitors of the library. The installation offers hundreds of colourful specimens from Dr. Terzin’s entomology collection, as well as a microscope station to explore structural colours in detail, a selection of related books on the subject, and access to the StrC interface online–a taxonomic database that collects structural colour cases and scientific information intended to connect science and design innovation.

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via Two Biomimicry Alberta researchers interviewed for BUGS 101: Insect-Human Interactions